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Working Class Acupuncture

About Community Acupuncture

WCA has a sliding scale. For many thousands of years, acupuncture has been a “people's medicine”: low-tech, inexpensive, easily available, and very quiet. Only in the US in the last thirty years did acupuncture become a luxury item for wealthy people, with a cost of $50 to $250 per treatment, individual treatment cubicles, and lots of talking. We have eliminated the unnecessary talking and the unnecessarily high prices. Please pay us whatever you feel comfortable with on our scale of $15 to $35, keeping in mind that you may need a series of treatments. If the cost of treatment is an issue, please let us know. We want you to come in for acupuncture frequently enough to really feel better.

  • WCA has no relationship with insurance companies, because insurance companies don't like sliding scales! If you have insurance that covers acupuncture, we can give you a receipt to submit, but we cannot bill your insurance. If you have questions about insurance in general, please ask the receptionist; we have a longer letter that goes into more detail on this topic. 
  • WCA provides affordable acupuncture, not primary care medicine. We are not able to offer Western diagnoses or screening for serious illnesses. We encourage all of our patients to have a relationship with a primary care provider. If you need a referral, please let us know.
  • A few housekeeping details: if you need to be up by a certain time, tell the receptionist when you check in – NOT your acupuncturist, because receptionists are better at keeping track of these things! Bring whatever you need to make yourself comfortable, such as earplugs or headphones; we have pillows and blankets, but if you prefer your own, you can bring those too. Take all personal belongings with you into the treatment room, and keep your shoes on until you sit down in your chosen recliner. Remember that our community works best when everyone is reasonably flexible. One of the things we love best about our clinic is how many different kinds of people enjoy coming here for acupuncture – but some of them do snore, it's true.
  • If you like, come early or stay late and have a cup of tea before or after your treatment! We make our own tea, and though it's not a recliner, it's pretty relaxing.
  • WCA started the community acupuncture “revolution”! We opened our clinic in 2002, trying out a daring experiment in treating people in recliners and using a sliding scale. Two things happened very quickly: other acupuncturists wanted to know what we were up to, and our patients wanted to know if there were similar clinics in other cities. In 2006 we founded the Community Acupuncture Network to encourage a more accessible, sustainable way of providing acupuncture. We called what we did the “community acupuncture business model”, and hundreds of acupuncturists are now using it.

Where else can I find a clinic?

Use this Locate a Clinic tool if you would like to find a clinic like ours in another city. New clinics are opening all the time!

Want to learn more about acupuncture?

Please read our book, Acupuncture Is Like Noodles.

Call and make your first appointment today: 

Cully - 3526 NE 57th Avenue, Portland, Oregon 97213
PHONE: 503.335.9440 

Hillsdale - 4410 SW Bvrtn-Hillsdale Hwy, Portland, Oregon 97221
PHONE: 503.244.7525 

Lents - 5814 SE 92nd Avenue, Portland, Oregon 97266
PHONE: 503.477.7115