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Working Class Acupuncture

About Walk-ins and Making Appointments

Many of our patients appreciate being able to make same-day appointments. We get it – you don't always know ahead of time when you will want acupuncture, and if you suddenly get a free hour, you might want to fill it with a treatment!  But we also really hate to turn anybody away. So while we will try to accommodate walk-ins whenever possible, we ask that you please make an appointment, even if it's only calling ahead to make sure there's room in the schedule before you leave your house. If you show up without calling, you are taking the chance that we might be 100% booked for the next few hours or even the whole day – it doesn't happen often, but it does happen. If you walk in without an appointment, we need to treat the people who have appointments before we treat you, so you might have to wait a lot longer than we'd like.

WCA was not designed to be a walk-in clinic; we're much too busy. We have treated over a hundred people a day, and we couldn't do that if most of them didn't have – and keep – their appointments. We really want to make getting acupuncture as convenient as possible for you, but we do ask that you help us out by calling ahead or scheduling yourself online.