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acupuncture can change the world

Working Class Acupuncture


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Articles about WCA:

Acupuncture for All (Yes! Magazine, Nov 07, 2007, Also reprinted in the Utne Reader)

Acupuncture touted for low-cost care (Marketplace, American Public Media, Tuesday, September 2, 2008)

Breaking the Ceiling (Keynote Address from the 1st Community Acupuncture Network Conference)

Community Model Improves Access (Acutake Blog)

Poor Man's Prick (Good Magazine, Issue 013) 

Sharp thinking applied to health care (Portland Tribune, Jan 16, 2007)

Working Class Acupuncture: Revolutionary Business Model Creates Access, Fosters New Business  (The Integrator Blog, 22 November 2006)

Social Entrepreneurship (A series of articles in Acupuncture Today. Read them to see why Lisa was fired as a columnist when the editors decided that her ideas had “dangerous potential”!)

 Acupuncture Is Like Noodles.