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Working Class Acupuncture

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Pain Management for Acupuncturists


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Monday June 18th, 2012

St. Charles Church
5310 NE 42nd Ave. Portland, OR 97218

Monday, June 18th, 9:30 to 4:30


The Oregon Medical Board requires all licensed providers (that means us) to take 6 hours of continuing education in pain management.


There are lots of CEU classes for acupuncture about pain -- but learning a new point combination for back pain was not really what the Medical Board had in mind when they created this requirement for health professionals. Pain, especially chronic pain, can have profound and far-reaching effects on patients’ lives. New research in pain management suggests that pain is not just a signal that something is wrong in the body, but that pain can be a disease process in and of itself. Acute pain and chronic pain are not the same thing at all, and understanding the difference allows acupuncturists to help their patients even more.


Working Class Acupuncture is offering again a popular class that fulfills the 6 hour requirement for Oregon health professionals, in part because we have hired some new staff who need to fulfill the requirement, and in part because it was so helpful the first time. This class draws on the expertise of one of the leaders of pain management in Oregon: Teresa Keane, psychiatric health nurse practitioner and member of the Oregon Pain Management Commission. Teresa is a terrific presenter who is passionate about caring for pain patients; she is also an enthusiastic advocate of acupuncture.


The second part of the class will cover practical acupuncture protocols for efficiently managing common types of chronic pain. Join us and learn about:


* the different categories of pain

*components of effective pain management

* mental health diagnoses and pain

* psychiatric medications and pain

*communicating with patients about chronic pain