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New Workshop: Art of the Big Damn Clinic


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Friday September 7th, 2012 to Sunday September 9th, 2012

5441 SE Belmont St, Portland, OR

New WCA Workshop: Art of the Big Damn Clinic

What:  a weekend workshop devoted to the idea of the Big Damn Clinic. WCA’s been doing community acupuncture for 10 years now. We’re still a work in progress, but we’ve learned a few things, and one of them is that the community acupuncture model works best when there are more people involved. The future of the movement is all about building collectives. Come hang out with us in Portland and talk about it: the big picture, the tiny details, the skills, the struggles, the possibilities.

Who: presenters and facilitators at this workshop are Lisa Rohleder, Skip Van Meter, John Vella, Cris Monteiro, Andy Wegman, Moses Cooper, Carmen Doerge, and Demetra Delia Markis. This workshop is for community acupuncturists, community clinic staff, and students at ALL stages of practice: still in school, thinking about opening a clinic, running a small clinic, expanding a clinic, and operating multiple locations. Spending some time with the vision of a big damn clinic -- and people who believe in it -- is going to help you no matter where you are in your process.

Did we say process? Yup, there will be time for processing and discussion in small groups. We really want you to take away an enormous amount of useful stuff from this weekend (ideas, inspirations, practicalities) and as well as a deeper understanding of the issues involved in expansion and collectives. See the schedule below.

When:  5 pm Friday Sept 7th  to 2 pm Sunday, Sept 9th. (It’s sunny in Portland in September!)

Where: Taborspace, 5441 SE Belmont St, Portland, OR. (http://taborspace.org/about)

Will there be a bus tour? Why yes, there will. See the schedule below.

How much:
June 1st to July 15th: $180 for POCA members, $205 for nonmembers
July 16th to Aug 15th: $205 for POCA members, $230 for nonmembers
Aug 16th to Sept 7th: $250 for POCA members, $275 for nonmembers

Student rate: $155 until Aug 15th (limited number), regular rates from Aug 16th to Sept 7th

Cost includes: workshop, CEUs, bus tour, and all meals, dinner Friday through lunch Sunday, catered by Papa G’s All Organic Vegan Deli. (http://www.papagees.com/ Stay tuned for menu and more information about food.) Does NOT include lodging. There are many fun, affordable lodging options in Portland and we will post a list soon.

 Approved CEUs: 15 (NCCAOM and California)

Things You Should Know Before You Register:
About the content: this is not a POCAfest and there won’t be POCA circle meetings. This is strictly a workshop focused on collective-building for bigger clinics. It is designed to be useful to non-punks, so there won’t be much discussion of clinical issues and strategies.
About the price, the setting, and the food: the goal was to make this workshop as affordable as possible. The setting (Taborspace) is cool in many ways but not fancy (and not the Headlands with a full moon rising, alas). We will be spending a lot of our time in a church basement. There is no alcohol allowed in the church so there will be no free beer (until the bus tour, when there will be plenty).  The catering will be organic, sustainable, non-GMO and vegan but probably also pretty simple. The church basement comes with a kitchen so there will be a crew of volunteers feeding us (limited number of work-trade positions available for the conference in exchange for serving on the kitchen crew). In other words, it’s going to be a true Portlandia experience.
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This workshop is in part a fundraiser for POCA, even though WCA is putting it on. WCA tries to give 1% of our gross revenues to POCA for our clinic membership, but since we opened our 3rd clinic this year, it’s been looking more like .5% So we are trying to balance affordability of the workshop with a desire to make up the other .5% of our POCA dues.  



Dinner and mingling

Opening Panel: why go big? why have a collective? Why push yourself (and others)? why is it worth it? Inspiration, etc.
Break into small groups for discussion and processing.  (Process groups will be assigned to gather people who are at similar stages.) Where are you? What would “big” mean for  you? Where are you stuck? What’s your next step? Articulate your vision of where you would like to be, start to identify what is standing in your way.
Facilitators present themes that came up in small group to whole group. Make a list and discuss.


Breakfast and mingling

Opening Talk: WCA started out because its founders had acupuncture jobs, lost them due to cuts in public health funding, and wanted to recreate them. What job do you want for yourself? Getting the job you want for yourself depends on you creating jobs for other people. That’s the secret.
Presentation: the Art of the Job Description
Panel: How and Why Modules Work:  presentation of all WCA modules and other sample modules from BDCs

Lunch and mingling

Breakout Sessions! Organized so that EVERYONE can attend ALL breakout sessions!
Bookkeeping (and other financial details), HR, the Art of Reception, Becoming a Collective, Skills for Employees, and Skills for Owners

return to process groups for discussion

(Early) Dinner and mingling

WCA Clinic Bus Tour! Visit all 3 WCA clinics: Lents, Hillsdale, Cully.  End at WCA Cully, the original Big Damn Clinic, for low-key party and hanging out.


Breakfast and mingling

Towards Creating Collectives: presentations on clinics merging operations regionally, employee ownership and collective management, and other exciting topics

Return to process groups for discussion and creation of follow-up support groups

Closing circle
Lunch and mingling

Travel Information

You can take public transportation -- Trimet -- from the Portland Airport to Taborspace. Take the Portland light rail -- known as the Max Line -- from PDX to 60th Street Station. Transfer to the 71 bus line going south. Get off at SE 60th and SE Belmont, and walk 6 blocks west to Taborspace. Double-check this information at http://trimet.org/go/cgi-bin/plantrip.cgi

Lodging Options

Portland Hostel, 3031 SE Hawthorne Blvd  is 1.6 miles, some of it uphill,  from Tabor Space: http://www.portlandhostel.org/

Bluebird Guesthouse and Evermore Guesthouse, 3517 SE Division, 1.9 miles from Taborspace: http://www.bluebirdguesthouse.com/

The Jupiter Hotel is the site of the notorious CANference karaoke party and is 2.9 miles from Taborspace; busable, bike rentable, affordable, and loud. http://www.jupiterhotel.com/

If you have a car, the Kennedy School is near WCA Cully and is a fun option. 4.4 miles from Taborspace: http://www.mcmenamins.com/427-kennedy-school-home

and of course there is always airbnb.com or couchsurfing.net.

Refund Policy:  Cancellations made within 1 month (August 7th) of the workshop will receive a full refund.  Cancellations made after August 7th will receive no refunds.