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Shaking Rased Fist - Acupuncture Can Save the World
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  Date : Jul-25-2017

Announcing the WCA Builders Program!

Do you want to help us open more clinics in more neighborhoods and help keep our current clinics alive and well?

Join our WCA Builders Project!

WCA provides about 50,000 affordable treatments a year to about 10,000 individual people- because we believe people deserve options in their healthcare. With your help, we can open new clinics and make acupuncture accessible to even more people who need it.

WCA Builders are people who commit to making a small, monthly donation to WCA. In return, Builders get a monthly newsletter that takes you behind the scenes at WCA. These newsletters include photos and stories about people in our community who are getting (sometimes spectacular) results from acupuncture as well as details on our progress towards opening more clinics.

If you're curious about how WCA works and why we keep doing what we do when it's so different from the rest of healthcare, please consider becoming a builder so that we can tell you all about it!

Find out more about the WCA Builders Project!

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