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# 11: Final 5 Treatments for $65 Special!

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  Date : Oct-01-2019

5 for $65 in October

Durring the month of October we're discounting our treatments! 

Durring October only you can buy 5 treatments for the low price of $65. 

This will be the final time that we offer this special at this price. 

The next time the special rolls around our new prices (see more below) will be in effect and the cost of 5 treatments will rise.  So get your discounted treatments while prices are low!

Acupuncture Prices Increase November 1st, 2019


On Friday, November 1st, 2019 our prices for acupuncture treatment will increase to $20 - $40, sliding scale.

The primary reason that we are raising prices is to fund a cost of living wage increase for our staff.  We know that you likely have many more questions regarding this change. 

Please read our new WCA and Money FAQ for more information.

Our quarterly 5 treatments for $65 special will continue in the month of October at the same historical price, $65.  The next time we offer this special, in January 2020, the price will increase to $85 for 5 treatments.

Thank you for your support,

The Staff of Working Class Acupuncture

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