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# 3: Get 5 treatments for $65 in October!

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  Date : Sep-29-2017

It's Back!!

Back by popular demand! Get five awesome Acu-Naps for only $65.

WCA is having an October Special - 5 treatments for $65! Purchase at any of our three locations, or from our on-line store, during the month of October. We can only offer 3 of these specials, 15 visits total, to each patient and they’re only available for purchase until October 31, 2017, but they NEVER EXPIRE! Use them when you want to/need to! Come see us soon!. Come see us soon! Just click on the Products button at the top of the page to go to our store and buy a package or just buy the special when you next arive for an appointment. . Come see us soon!

Come on in for an Acu-Nap and get the spring off to a healthy start. Call to set up an appointment or schedule on-line. 

Buy the 5 for $65 special in our online store by clicking here.

OR by making a purchase at any of our clinics: 

Cully- 503.335.9440

Hillsdale- 503.244.7525

Rockwood- 503.328.6259

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