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Jingei Pulse Diagnosis DVD and accompanying booklet
Jingei Pulse Diagnosis DVD and accompanying booklet

Jingei Pulse Diagnosis DVD and booklet

$ 75.00

After 15 years of practicing and several years of teaching other practitioners , we have caught our very own, Skip Van Meter, L.Ac. on film. Many of you have taken this course and may find this useful as a “refresher”. For those of you that haven’t, this style of pulse diagnosis is one of the keys to our low-cost, high-volume practice and this DVD/booklet set will give you what you need to know to put it into practice.

Jingei pulse diagnosis is an ancient form of pulse reading that has its origins in the Ling Shu, Chapter Nine: “The Beginning and the End.” Used specifically to find the root channel of a patient’s illness, Jingei (the term is Japanese for the point Stomach nine) uses a simple comparison of the pulse of the wrist and neck. It can then be used as the basis of a point prescription that cuts to the heart of a patient’s illness, saving much time in formulating effective treatments. Besides the utter thrill of being able to watch Skip any time you want (I personally like to pause it in really unflattering moments, of which there are a few), this gives you a comprehensive first time glimpse, or repeated reference, to this effective style of pulse diagnosis.

This is a new book, with diagrams, photos and charts and the 90 minute DVD is full of examples, techniques, FAQs and visual explanations of this technique.