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Working Class Acupuncture

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Class and Classism lecture DVD with Lisa Rohleder

$ 15.00

"[Class] has profoundly shaped how we think about acupuncture" in the USA, says Lisa.  Deprogram the myths you learned in acupuncture school, and get skooled for real in the economics of CA.  There's no one better to talk about class and acupuncture in America than the infamous Lisa Rohleder, who demystifies these issues quickly with MATH, particularly in the social business model of community acupuncture.   Learn where your patients come from, and what they expect in a CA clinic, while getting an education in the definitions of class in America. 

This video was filmed live during a WCA conference in 2010, and includes an introduction to the "why?" of what WCA does, and provides the tools to let individuals begin to evaluate their own ideas and formulate the "how?" of breaking down class barriers to acupuncture.  When this comes in the mail, you'll wanna kick back, pop open a beer and enjoy the passionate arguments she makes for widespread acupuncture access in the US.