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acupuncture can change the world

Working Class Acupuncture

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Noodles Cover
Noodles Cover

Acupuncture is like Noodles - Bulk Order

$ 62.50

Buy 5 or more copies of Acupuncture is Like Noodles and get them for half price.

Ordering is per 5 copies.  So if you would like to order 5 books please enter 1 in the quantity box.  Enter 4 if you would like 20 books.

This book explains not only how acupuncture works, but how community acupuncture clinics work. The reincarnation of WCA’s original “Little Red Book”, Acupuncture Is Like Noodles is written for patients, acupuncture students and prospective acupuncture students, licensed acupuncturists, other medical providers, and anyone else who is curious about the “calmest Revolution ever staged.” Acupuncture Is Like Noodles is available at wholesale rates to booksellers and to community acupuncture clinics that wish to use it as a fundraiser.

If you are interested in a wholesale order (more than 5 books) please email Info@workingclassacupuncture.org. Otherwise place your order in the online store. Printed on recycled paper, 100% post-consumer content, Ancient Forest Friendly and FSC certified.

One Person's Perspective on "Noodles" Hi Lisa-I just read your Noodle book and am inspired and totally on board but unfortunately not an acupuncturist. I'm a physician assistant and couldn't agree more that other medical practitioners should be able to learn some basics and get to work. I'm also an acupuncture patient here in San Francisco. I was being treated early this year for chemo induced menopause and infertility which my insurance covered for 16 visits. I used those visits up quickly and was very sad to think that I couldn't afford to continue because all the TCM fertility centers were totally out of my reach. I guess only rich people can get this amazing treatment I thought.I'm not working much right now as I'm raising my son. Then I found out about CA and decided to give it a try although I was hesitant because I was a consumer of the white coat acupuncture model and thought I needed to work with someone who specialized in infertility and gyn and that I needed to do alot of talking. I was wrong! My sx's have vastly improved and I am so grateful that I can continue getting acupuncture twice a week! I love the CA model and will never, ever go to a white coat or zen spa noodlepractice ever again!!!

Thank for for starting the revolution! I'd love to see laws change so that I can needle folks also. Love to you!